Application Calendar

Application Calendar



Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarship Programs

Scholarship Program Timeline Dates Category
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships
Applications Open 15 January 2020 Application
Applications Close 20 February 2020 Application
Evaluation Process February - May 2020 Evaluation
Interview Period March - June 2020 Interviews
Announcement of Results July 2020 Results
Scholarship Agreement and Visa Procedures July - August 2020 Admission Procedures
Travel of New Students to Turkey / Beginning of the Academic Year 10 – 20 September 2020* Beginning of Academic Year

* Candidates who are selected must take into account that they will receive their results in the summer months and must make necessary arrangements in their home country so as to be able to obtain their graduation documents and diplomas before their travel to Turkey.


Research Scholarships

Scholarship Program Timeline Dates Category
Research Scholarships
1st Period Applications Open 1 January 2020 Applications
1st Period Applications Close 31 March Applications
1st Period Announcement of Results April Results
2nd Period Applications Open 1 April Applications
2nd Period Applications Close 30 June Applications
2nd Period Announcement of Results July Results
3rd Period Applications Open 1 July Applications
3rd Period Applications Close 30 September Applications
3rd Period Announcement of Results October Results
4th Period Applications Open 1 October Applications
4th Period Applications Close 31 December Applications
4th Period Announcement of Results January 2021 Results

Success Scholarships*

Scholarship Program Timeline Dates Category
Success Scholarships
Applications Open October 2020 Applications
Applications Close November 2020 Applications
Evaluation Process November - December 2020 Evaluation
Announcement of Results December 2020 Results

* Detailed Dates of Applications will be announced throughout the year on our website and other communication channels.

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