Announcement on 2020 Türkiye Scholarships Application Results

Dear Türkiye Scholarships Candidates,

The evaluation process of approximately 156,000 applications received from 172 countries for Türkiye Scholarships has been completed except for candidates from Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Uzbekistan. Information regarding the final results  have started to be sent to all candidates except students from abovementioned countries. It may take some time for results to reach you, due to the large number of applications.

We congratulate new term scholarship holders for joining Türkiye Scholarships Family and thank all applicants for their interest in Türkiye Scholarships.
As is known, the New Coronavirus outbreak, which was identified by the World Health Organization as a pandemic in March 2020 and defined as COVID-19, has led ongoing negative implications.  In this process, many countries had to take extraordinary measures from the travel bans to border closures, from economic measures to lockdowns. Despite all unforeseen disruptions caused by the pandemic, each application for Türkiye Scholarships has been examined meticulously with great dedication and attention.

The applications received between January 10 and February 20, 2020, were prelusively examined based on a number of criteria such as academic background, personal competencies, academic interests, career goals, compatibility of preferences, content/comprehensibility of the motivation letter and extra-curricular experiences. Successful candidates of the first round of evaluation we re-examined in the second evaluation process by taking the global course of the pandemic into consideration. For this reason, a significant part of the applications that were evaluated positively in the first stage had to be evaluated negatively in the second phase.  Due to the current pandemic conditions, interviews were conducted with limited number of candidates.

The applications from the citizens of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Uzbekistan, are currently in the process of evaluation and will be announced in the coming days after the completion of the process.

Due to the effects of the global pandemic are still on an international scale, various arrangements have been made within the scope of 2020 Türkiye Scholarships. A considerable number of higher education institutions in Turkey will be providing online education in the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year because the dormitories remain closed and there are no international flights.

Regarding the pandemic agenda, arrangements made for 2020 Türkiye Scholarships grantees are listed below:

- They will be able to register at universities online.  

- Those who are not currently in Turkey will not be allowed to enter the country yet.  

- If scholarship holders enter Turkey without the knowledge and approval of our Presidency will not benefit from accommodation, health insurance and scholarship facilities.

- Scholarship payments will not be made to awardees of 2020 and those are not living in Turkey. Payments will start with the arrival of scholarship holders in Turkey within the approval of our Presidency and will be initiated after university registration.

- Free Turkish language education will be provided to grantees who do not have a C1-level Turkish proficiency certificate through online platforms or if possible through courses where they can physically participate in for one year while they are in their countries. Participation in Turkish courses is compulsory for all scholarship holders without qualification certificate. Those who are unable to participate in the language courses should submit their excuse to the our Presidency.

- The arrival process of awardees to Turkey will be re-evaluated by taking the course of of the global pandemic, dormitory capacities as well as the international flight schedule  into account. In this framework, it is utmost importance that 2020 Türkiye Scholarship grantess follow all the information provided by our Presidency.

On this occasion, we congratulate scholarship holders again and thank all the appilcants for their interest.