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Precautions Against Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Morale Messages From Our Students!

Through these challenging times, Türkiye Scholarships students deliver information on methods of combat and prevention of the New Coronavirus (Covid-19). Moreover, they reach out to all with a strong message of social solidarity, tolerance and keeping our morale high.


A master’s student at Ankara university in the department of Biotechnology, Nasrine Bekhedda gives an informative brief about the ways of protection from Coronavirus. "Protection from the virus is in your hands, follow the precautions, protect your own and your environment’s health" she stresses.

Nour Al Akoum, a student at Ankara University School of Medicine could not emphasize enough, “it doesn't matter where we are from in the face of Coronavirus, we are all under the same risk. It is very important to comply with the precautions, to be in solidarity and to keep our morale high” to remind us that we should all comply with the measures in solidarity and support each other through the pandemic.

Hazbiye Salasi, a graduate of Trakya university School of Nursing and currently pursuing her master’s at Eskisehir Osmangazi univeristy, talks about how international students can also support the cause of fighting Coronavirus in Turkey, "Let’s follow the precautionary measures strictly, we must’nt forget that no virus is stronger that the measures we can take… let's get through this process strongly by keeping our morale high and by believing in ourselves”.