Coronavirus Measures Taken In On-Duty Dormitories

Points to pay ettention to for our students currently residing in KYK on-duty dormitories s part of measures taken against Coronavirus:

  • Students who are in the on-duty KYK dormitories will not be allowed to leave their dormitories except for purposes of essential needs.

  • Students' leave requests will be evaluated by the Dormitory Directorates.

  • Disciplinary action will be taken for students who go out of their dormitory without permission and ignore the warnings of the dormitory administration regarding the measures.

  • In such disciplinary instances, the record of the student permenantly registered in the dormitory will be deleted, and the visiting status of the temporarily registered students will be terminated.

  • Students who will be accommodated in the on-duty KYK dormitories will be arranged so as to allocate 1 student in each room within the available facilities, if not possible, the least number of students possible shall be allocated in each room.

  • Special attention and care must be taken to comply with social distancing rules in common areas such as restaurants and canteens.

  • Dormitory Directorates will take necessary measures for sterilization of dormitory rooms and common areas.