Form To Be Filled By Türkiye Scholarships Students As Part of Coronavirus (Covid-19) Measures

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has been causing negative effects worldwide for some time. In this process, many countries had to take extraordinary measures from travel bans to closing borders, economic measures to curfews…etc.

As YTB, we have tried to inform our students and find solutions to their accommodation, personal protection, health, transportation and similar problems since the beginning of the epidemic’s spread in Turkey.

In light of current developments, a form was prepared by YTB and sent to all our students via TBBS (Türkiye Scholarships Information System) and through e-mail in order to establish a healthier communication with our students, to determine their needs and expectations, and to assist in all the issues they face during this period. This form must be filled by our students until the evening of March 31, 2020 for the next steps to be taken.

In the form, there are short questions about where our students are currently located, where they are staying and whether they wish to return to their country if the necessary  steps are taken by the respective countries’ embassies in Turkey based on these requests made by students. We would like to emphasize that the returning process of our students who wish to spend this suspension-of-education period with their families in their own countries, will develop depending on the permission for departure, arrangement of special flights and planning of the possible quarantine process upon their return, which can only be done by the authorities and embassies of the country they are residing ora re citizens of. In case of returning to their countries, scholarships of our students will not be terminated, but will be paused as there will be no formal educaiton.

During this period, it is extremely important to follow the distance education courses offered by your universities. In addition, as YTB, we are planning and making preparations for various online programs for our students. Announcements regarding these programs will be made as soon as possible.

With the belief that every student of ours is a valuable member of the Türkiye Scholarships Family, we shall continue to be alongside our students througout the upcoming period.